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IT is playing a major part in the Indian economy of today. Companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS…are recruiting 1000’s of new techies and are doing over billion dollars in sales. Things are looking good.

Most of IT in India revolves around software and application development. Java, VB, C# is being taught is schools and colleges and universities are producing programmers at an amazing pace.

However to sustain this rapid growth of IT and to learn and improve from others experience, there is undoubtedly a need to share knowledge and the India specific info on IT.Unfortunately there are only a hnadful of web sites dedicated to IT and those too are more for the hardware enthusiasts and gaming guys. So for app developers and programmers, have no Indian resource to use and so have only international sites to help them out.

India J2EE is a beginning. With your help, we hope to create the first and only real forum for Java J2EE guys in India. As Java J2EE is the preferred domain of work in India, we decidied to start with that. PHP and Microsoft guy might have to wait a little.

IndiaJ2EE hopes to be the hompage for every Java developer in India. You get to work/office handle the every morning irritating logins and other pesky security related stuff that u have to do and then check out indiaj2ee with a nice cup of coffee in hand. Sounds cool?

Let us know what u think of this site and help us create the best Java resource out there.

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