The Application Server Platforms are here

Enterprise applications seem to be evolving beyond just application server usage and into the new age Application Server Platforms.

The main elements of the Application Server Platform are:

  • Application server
  • Portal server
  • Integration server.

These components may be either loosely coupled (a suite) or integrated (an application server platform).

The Forrester Wave: Application Server Platforms, Q1 2005 report takes
a closer look at this space and the various vendors and products

>> The
Forrester Wave: Application Server Platforms, Q1 2005

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0 thoughts on “The Application Server Platforms are here

  • April 15, 2005 at 1:20 pm

    I almost always smile at such comparisons. Almost at all times the choice of IDE (esepcially at work) is guided by the organization practice. When it is not so normally people woudl go for one based on hear-say and then start liking it.

    I have worked on Kawa, very elementary. Then I went on to Netbeans and immediately fell in love. Then I worked on WSAD and said wow this is something. Having seen Netbeans 4 I feel this is much much better. Now a days I mostly work on EditPlus.

    I am sure nobody will change his/her IDE based on this comparison, which is always a subjective opinion.

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