NetBeans is almost there. 4.1 offers serious competition to the commercial products

NetBeans IDE 4.1 Release Candidate is now available for download and with its advanced J2EE and EJB support, it offers some serious competition to the commercial products. 

You can download just the NetBeans IDE 4.1 RC Installer (46.49 MB) or
the NetBeans IDE 4.1 RC + AS 8.1 Bundle Installer (94.41 MB) or the
NetBeans Mobility Pack RC Installer (18.26 MB).

Work done on the 4.1 Release Candidate consists mainly of stabilization
of the core and on performance. The
final release is scheduled for mid-May.

What do you think? With NetBeans 4.1’s capabilities available for free, would you still consider buying products like IDEA, JDeveloper, JBuilder, etc.?

>> 4.1 Release Plans
>> 4.1 Docs & Support
>> NetBeans 4.1 RC1 Download:
(Note the .php in the link)

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  • Guest

    With NetBeans becoming so good and Eclipse not far behind, I can’t see how the other vendors are going to sell their IDEs.

    I don’t think this is as good a thing as it seems as innovation in the IDE space might soon get restricted to what 3 or 4 players would do.

  • Guest

    Does anybody actually need / use this things?

    Also buying everything end to end from one vendor, is not the Java way. Java thrives on choice, disparity and to some extent chaos. 🙂