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I am glad to
send across this first edition of the IndicThreads newsletter. In this
edition we are carrying a collection of the best articles and news
stories published on IndicThreads over the past 15 days.

most exciting thing happening on IndicThreads currently is the Java User Meet (Pune). The response from the community
and from the corporate world has been great. We are thankful to
Whizlabs, NCStudio and Symbiosis for supporting this venture of

The IndicThreads Java User Meet will take place
this Sunday at 11am. The meet will have sessions and discussions on
various Java subjects. So if u r in Pune, the IndicThreads Java Meet is
the place to be this Sunday.

the last couple of months IndicThreads presence has grown
signifiicantly and so has the hit count. A number of new IndicThreads
ventures are in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more!

If u wish to contribute to IndicThreads, just drop me a mail at (editor
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harshad oak

1st Day: JBoss Advanced Training
It was a very eventful day at the Le Meridien in Bangalore. There were 20+ participants from various companies (one participant from Hong Kong and one from Singapore). There were a few from Pune. The rest were from Bangalore.

jboss vs geronimo
The battle between the open source IDE platforms Eclipse eand NetBeans has worked to the advantage of the end user as the user now has too good, free and open source IDEs.It now seems that a similar open source battle will soon commence between JBoss and Geronimo. While some think Geronimo will become the first choice EJB server and can very well become the Tomcat of the EJB world, some others think that the launch of Geronimo is no big deal.

Pirates of the IT world: The Curse of the Black Bazaar
I have been reading a discussion about Computer Book Piracy on the Yahoo Group ComputerBookAuthors.As most piracy discussions, this too has got into a developed vs developing nations argument. Here’s my two cents on the matter.

JavaJobs launches new look website
Coral Springs, FL – November 19, 2004 – today that it has concluded testing and launched the latest andcompletely redesigned version of its IT job board’s new website contains a cleaner fa?ade which showcases itsnewly developed functionality for job seekers and employers.

JBoss in India
Starting November 23, 2004, JBoss Inc will hold its first public training in Bangalore, INDIA. This in my opinion, opens the doors to learn more about JBoss and its open source products. I will try to blog on the day’s proceedings at the end of each training day. Additional details about JBoss Public Trainings can be obtained at who have not been able to register for the November training, can try to get into the one being held in January.In 4 hours, I board the plane to India from Chicago.

Pune Java User Meet Now on 28th November 11 am
IndicThreads Java User Meet (Pune) will be held at 11 am on the 28th of November (Sunday). Entry is free of cost. Click here for venue details, directions and the program for the meet.

Pune Java User Meet finalized
The Pune Java User Meet will be held at 11 am on the 28th of November 2004 at SICSR, Pune. Not only will you get to learn from Java experts and share your views with others in the Java community " You can also win goodies from Whizlabs, NCStudio and IndicThreads. "Entry is free of cost. Click here for venue details, directions and the program for the meet.**Share the meet details or this file on your college / company mailing lists or notice boards so that others could also benefit.

Oracle Application Server is the fastest : An interview with Debu Panda
In this interview, Debu Panda, the principal product manager for Oracle’s J2EE server talks about the various Oracle products for J2EE. He discusses the challenges before J2EE and also shares his views on the ongoing JDO and EJB 3.0 persistence controversy.

Understanding Web Services and SOA: An interview with Sameer Tyagi
Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures are two of the coolest words in technology today. However not many of us know much about what these technologies really have to offer. In this interview, we speak to Sameer Tyagi who is an Enterprise Architect with Sun’s Client Services Group and has several books to his name. Sameer speaks about SOA and Web Services and their relevance to the kind of Java development happening today.

Quick Hibernate
As per, Hibernate is a powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java. Hibernate gives you the option to code and work with Java and use Hibernate’s capabilities to interact with the database. No need to write SQL in your Java code. You work with Java objects and Hibernate does the rest.In this "Quick Hibernate" series of articles, Satish Talim gets you started with Hibernate. Satish’s hands-on approach should have you developing with Hibernate in no time.

Pramati 4.1 and beyond: An interview with Ramesh Loganathan
In this interview we speak to Ramesh Loganathan, VP Engineering at Pramati technologies. Ramesh heads the product development at Pramati.Ramesh speaks about Pramati’s origins in India and how it has moved on to being one of the top application server vendors in the world. Ramesh answers the all important question of why you should buy the Pramati server over the competition and also gives us an overview of the new features in Pramati’s latest offering, Pramati Server version 4.1. Ramesh also shares his views on J2EE complexity, SOA, enterprise integration and the evolving J2EE specifications.

BattleShips for Diwali
Instead of blasting firecrackers this Diwali, try blasting a few ships to the ocean floor. Java guys do need to have some fun occasionally. Try out the Battleships game. The BattleShips link is also present in the left menu. !! Wish You A Very Happy Diwali !! -IndicThreads TeamFor IndicThreads visitors who aren’t aware of what Diwali is, check this link:

Tools vs Programmer
Programmers of the world better start planning an alternative career. Gartner predicts the "death of a programmer" within the next eight to ten years. With tools doing most of the work, the role of a programmer will be marginalized within the next decade is what they say. Check this report:  A Programmer’s key to survival. We have seen something similar happen in many other industries where tools and technology made 1000’s of employees redundant. Can something similar happen to the ubiquitous programmer?

How-to: Package JSP custom taglibs in JAR
Just recently I discovered a simple problem in our application around the packaging of custom taglibs in JARs. Looking into the issue, it seems that the ".tld" files were placed in the /WEB-INF/tld folder in the JAR! That is wrong. The correct way to do it is…

Firefox lessons for the Java world
A long time ago Internet Explorer had a competitor. However over the past few years, it has been IE all the way. Netscape’s share dropped sharply and although Opera is a very good browser it never became a serious IE competitor. Mozilla Firefox hopes to compete with the IE giant and win!

Java and J2EE Today: An interview with Satish Talim
In this interview, we speak to Satish Talim, a well known IT name in India. Satish has been working with Java for almost a decade.  Here he shares his Java experiences, his views on open source and also has some useful advice for those starting off with Java.

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