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Voting for the Java Developer Journal Reader Choice Awards is now open. The voting process is quite tedious as you have to vote in 27 categories and also provide your contact details as well as job profile.

However each category has an option "No Nominee" so you need not vote if you are not sure. I could vote only  in a few categories as I found it a little unfair to vote when I don’t know how good  the other options are. So I voted only in cases where I was convinced that  a certain product was the best.

Also as it is requires someone to nominate a product  for it to be included,  many good products and books are not on listed at all.  For example NetBeans is not nominated in the Best Java IDE category and I did not notice a single Apache Jakarta project listed.

The awards are ‘readers choice’ so all you need to vote is an email address and that naturally would mean a lot of bogus voting. It would have been better if the awards your decided by a judges panel as what is currently happening is that mass usage items are easily beating niche products as most voters would be unaware of those niche products.

Hey, btw my book  Pro Jakarta Commons appears in the Best Book category and although it is currently way down near the bottom  your vote might help it put up a reasonable showing 🙂 So if you found Pro jakarta Commons useful, do vote.

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