Facets of Java Enterprise. Java Meet Part 2

The 2nd edition of IndicThreads.com Java meet was held on 29th of January
2005 at Symbiosis Institute of Computer studies and Research (SICSR).

The speaker at the meet was Dr. Sunu Engineer. He is a scientist at
IUCCA. Wait. If you have started imagining a
scientist with white hair, white beard, pale body structure, stop thinking and
read on?.

A young and dynamic person entered the hall with a book in his hand, immersed
in reading.

Dr Engineer spoke on ? Facets Of Enterprise Java?. He classified systems

  • Embedded (micro) systems.
  • Desktop (meso) systems.
  • Enterprise systems.

Dr. Engineer spoke about how java traversed from embedded phase to desktop
phase and then to the enterprise phase.

Java today is segregated into J2ME for embedded systems, J2SE for desktop
systems and J2EE for enterprise systems. He didn?t talk much about J2SE and J2ME
but was of the opinion that Java?s major breakthrough came when it ventured into
enterprise systems.

Sunu felt that the major difference between a J2EE programmer as compared to
a J2SE or J2ME programmer is that a  J2SE / J2ME programmer can afford to
have little domain knowledge however that is not acceptable when it comes to
enterprise systems. With enterprise systems one needs to have complete knowledge
about the business, to develop a system that is useful for the business. Even a
small mistake might cause huge time and financial losses, it is critical that
J2EE software is well tested and bug free.

The lecture lasted for about an hour and the meet ended up with some gift
vouchers being distributed amongst the audience from the sponsors. Shopper Stop
gift vouchers courtesy of NCE Technologies (NCStudio),
a SCJP 1.4 simulator license courtesy of
and 2005 Hariyali wall
calendars from IndicThreads were some of the things given away.


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