IDEA Plug-in for UltraLightClient

Canoo has published an IDE integration plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA and
UltraLightClient. This IDE integration plug-in simplifies Rich Internet Application (RIA) development with UltraLightClient (ULC) in IntelliJ’s development environment. The free plug-in provides Run/Debug integration for ULC applications and a ULC library wizard.

UltraLightClient is a library to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in Java.
Using this standard Java library, developers achieve unprecedented
productivity in providing rich, responsive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for
enterprise web applications within J2EE and J2SE infrastructures.

UltraLightClient builds on available developer know-how by following the Swing
API, yet shields the developer from the complexities of client/server
code distribution by taking care of the code split and optimizing communication.
Application releases are deployed on the server only. The
user interface is handled by an application-independent Java presentation engine
distributed as an applet to a browser, to Eclipse RCP, or via Java
Web Start. See Key Differentiators (
to find out how ULC compares with other technologies.

UltraLightClient is available for purchase at
. A developer license costs US$ 1495 and includes
free runtime distribution on
any number of servers. A free evaluation license may be obtained for 30 days.

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