The great migration: Visual Basic 6.0 to Java

 A story says that  "Microsoft introduced VB .Net in 2000, and since then, developer use of
VB6 and older versions has declined steadily. Many of those leaving the
language behind are migrating not to VB .Net but to non-Microsoft
languages such as Java, according to some surveys."

"For example, a November 2004 survey of EMEA developers by Evans Data
found that Visual Basic had lost 25 percent of its EMEA developer base
since 2003."

This news is a little surprising considering that a lot of Java folk refer to Visual Basic as the standard for ease of use and hope that Java will one day be just as easy to use.  The story talks about why developers might be moving away from VB but does not discuss why they are choosing Java over other options form the Microsoft family.

The story also talks about how the VB community
has launched a campaign of defiance over a decision to end support for
Visual Basic 6.

>> Visual Basic developers revolting

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0 thoughts on “The great migration: Visual Basic 6.0 to Java

  • January 7, 2009 at 2:45 am

    if any1 saying java is slow.
    they are r8 coz frm byte code to binary then execution.
    but on this we r getting 1 thing wch is machine independent ( D gr8 byte code).

    if any1 wants to know the use of java just think hw many boxes in total is having installed with OS not windows mostly Linux flabour.

    So blindly we can tell Java in any means j2ee j2me etc will live long….


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