WebLogic blends with Tomcat

BEA plans to offer blended BEA WebLogic management and
deployment technologies. Instead of utilizing multiple management interfaces, or
multiple vendors to resolve development and deployment issues, BEA
customers will be able to have access to one of the world’s first and
only environment designed for blended Apache Tomcat and BEA Weblogic

As a result of the announcement, Apache Tomcat users will be able to
take advantage of the BEA WebLogic Console with Apache Tomcat support
(scheduled to be available by download at dev2dev.bea.com in November)
and its graphical user interface to manage clustered Apache Tomcat

In addition, the console will be the only environment
designed to allow Apache Tomcat users to drill down into Web
applications to see details on servlet info and deployment descriptors.
The console will also be designed to support the management of security
and start/stop of groups of applications. BEA WebLogic Console will be
designed to provide Apache Tomcat users with graphical charting
including performance monitoring.

BEA will also offer new capabilities designed to easily integrate Apache Tomcat with BEA WebLogic Server and help provide
users enhanced development and administration capabilities not found in Apache Tomcat.

> Good news if you are a Tomcat user and also a WebLogic customer.

Source: BEA Press Release

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