Understanding Enterprise SOA

Virtually every major corporation has embraced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the new technology that takes advantage of such open computing standards as XML to reduce the cost and complexity of connecting software programs with one another.

Up to now, the business world has been subjected to hype-prone messages about SOA from IT vendors who claim that it is an easy fix to the classic problem of interoperation between systems. Just released by Manning, Understanding Enterprise SOA clears the air by providing a vendor-neutral approach to teaching the core technologies and their interdependencies in plain English.

Written in a comfortable, mentoring style by two industry insiders, the book draws conclusions from real business experiences in diverse industries, from manufacturing to genome research. The authors first explain the core SOA technologies involved in realizing an enterprise SOA and then go on to explain the critical human factors involved in their deployment. Using a fictional insurance company with real-life challenges, they demonstrate how to develop and implement a successful SOA.

Understanding Enterprise SOA shows how enterprise SOA changes the terrain of EAI, B2B commerce, business process management, real-time operations, and enterprise software development in general. This book is necessary reading for business people and technologists involved in or planning an SOA implementation. It cuts through vendor hype and teaches what it really takes to get SOA to work.

About the Authors…
Eric Pulier is a pioneer in the software and digital interactive industries. Eric has helped establish cutting-edge technology companies in media management, professional services, voice systems, and peer-to-peer networking. Hugh Taylor is an SOA marketing executive who writes, teaches, and promotes the business value of SOA and Web services to major companies. The authors live in Los Angeles, California.

Source: Manning Press Release

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