Java Trends at the Java Meet

The Pune Java Meet was held on the 20th of Nov 2005. At the meet, Harshad Oak conducted a session on “Java Trends” while Ashish Kulkarni spoke about licensing software and about using Apache+JBoss.

The audio and presentation for Harshad’s session on Java Trends is now available.

The session touches on:
1) AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. What is AJAX all about?
2) SOA + BPEL – What does Service Oriented Architecture with BPEL have to offer?
3) EJB3 – What’s new in Enterprise Java Beans 3.0
4) Scripting Languages – The growing presence of scripting languages like PHP and how that affects Java

* Download the Java Trends presentation (.ppt)
Listen to the session (RealAudio 34kbps – Fast download – Good enough quality)

Harshad Oak on Java Trends Satish Talim speaks to the audience
Ashish Kulkarni’s session
The meet was held at the Maratha Hall – Hotel Sun & Sand, Pune, India

>> When Java? When PHP?
>> The future of the Java platform lies in the mobile world
>> Towards A Vibrant Java Community

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  • December 15, 2005 at 6:09 am

    Looks like it went well. Congratulations and good luck!

    – Mayuresh

  • December 12, 2005 at 8:38 am

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