Oracle donates Application Development Framework (ADF) Faces to Apache

ADF Faces is a rich set of UI components based on the JavaServer Faces specification. The donation was originally part of Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). This annoucement is expected to give a boost to the Apache MyFaces project.

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a comprehensive productivity layer for J2EE developers. ADF Faces is the ADF view technology based on JavaServer Faces (JSF). Oracle ADF Faces is a rich set of JSR-127 compliant UI components.

Essentially anyone who downloads ADF Faces from Apache gets the following free of charge:

  • File upload support
  • Client-side validation
  • Partial rendering of a page (AJAX-style)
  • Data tables
  • Hierarchical tables
  • Color/date pickers
  • Progress indicators
  • Menu tabs/buttons
  • Wizards
  • Internationalization and accessibility

Source: Oracle’s ADF Faces donation to Apache – FAQ

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