Sun Java Studio Creator 2 IDE based on NetBeans 4.1

The free download of Sun Java Studio Creator 2 comes complete with everything you need to get started including the latest Sun Java System
Application Server Platform Edition, a local database for use with sample applications, and a free membership to the Sun Developer Network program
providing users valuable access to tutorials, articles, forums and more.

Additional Enhancements to the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 include:
— New NetBeans IDE 4.1 base provides version control support, code refactoring and improved support for ANT based projects
— New JavaServer Faces technology components and code clips, allowing developers to build richer Web application interfaces and AJAX-style
— Support for visual design of JSR-168 (a specification to enable interoperability between Java portlets and Web portals) standard
portlet applications deployable to the Sun Java System Portal Server and any standard portlet container
— HTML page import allows developers to add application logic to an existing page’s visual presentation
— A graphical Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Editor allows developers to edit project style classes and themes to provide customized and
consistent look-and-feel across Web applications

As part of the Solaris(TM) Enterprise System, the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 is available at no cost and runs on the world’s most advanced
operating system, the Solaris Operating System, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. It is available now in a multi-lingual format, and available for free
download at: .

>> Sun Java Studio Creator available for free
>> Code Folding in Sun Java Studio Creator
>> AJAX-supporting component model around its upcoming Java
Studio Creator tool
>> Sun Java Studio Creator is perhaps the only major product built over

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  • November 25, 2008 at 1:37 am

    To the previous commentator’s question: Does Groovy on Grails change things?
    Well, first of all there’s also JRuby that is built on the Java platform. So you can have Ruby and RoR on Java directly. Then Groovy and Grails are there and provide similar capabilities. That changes things… but not in the way many of the old Java fogies may have anticipated: It validates DHH’s point of view in the strongest way possible. Dynamic languages are a powerful tool in any programmer’s arsenal–if you get exclusively attached to Java [1] and ignore dynamic languages, then do so at your own peril.

    [1] The idea of getting exclusively attached to a particular language/platform is silly–they are just tools. Kill your ego. Open your mind and explore new technologies and techniques so you can use them when appropriate.

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