BEA Workshop 3.0 IDE with EJB3, Hibernate and Spring

BEA Workshop Studio 3.0 will serve as the promised Eclipse-based version of BEA’s developer tool.
The core comes from BEA’s acquisition of M7

Significant new features in this release:

* EJB3 Persistence
* Hibernate 3.1 Support
* Database Enhancements
* Bundled Spring IDE
* Convert HTML pages to use Struts or JSF tags

Workshop is available in four flavors:

* Workshop JSP Editor :
Basic Source & Visual JSP Editor,
* Workshop Studio:
End-to-end, browser-to-database solution including JSP, Struts, JSF and Hibernate
* Workshop for JSF:
Source/WYSIWYG JSF editor, navigation, tags, code completion,
error checking + more! and
* Workshop for Struts:
Source/visual Struts editors, Struts navigation, code completion, error checking, Tiles and Validation framework + more!

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