SourceLabs SASH Stack 1.1 for enterprise java

SourceLabs SASH Stack 1.1 for Java, an
integrated Open Source software foundation that makes server-side Java
development faster and easier than conventional J2EE programming. The SASH
Stack integrates widely used Open Source application frameworks, including
Apache Struts, Apache Axis, Spring Framework and Hibernate into a coherent,
tested, supported software stack for enterprise applications, reducing the
costs, risks and overall effort required to use this software in production

SourceLabs tested the SASH Stack with thoroughness and rigor not used
before with Open Source Java software. The company used its CERT7 Test
methodology, including a load test comprised of more than 54 million
transactions over a period for nine days. All tests results and source code
are available on the SWiK.NET Open Source community ( for comment
and re-use. In the course of the testing process, SourceLabs discovered and
patched multiple bugs and has contributed the patches to the relevant Open
Source communities. A summary of these contributions can be found on
SourceLabs website

The SourceLabs SASH Stack for Java makes server-side Java development more
productive than conventional J2EE by integrating a lightweight web user
interface framework, a highly dependable and interoperable web services stack,
and easy and efficient database access. The stack is supported on the Oracle
Fusion, BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, and Apache Tomcat application servers and
Oracle’s database management system.

Source: SourceLabs Press Release

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