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We are proud at JavaBlackBelt, to present our first TechMap, which covers JasperReports framework.A TechMap is a visual article which explains a technology with a minimal amount of words and maximum amount of graphics. Its main purpose is to help understanding and learning the covered technology.

Our “Java Instructor” experience let us believe that many people are more comfortable with a picture than a text. JasperReports is the subject of this first TechMap. It is composed of 8 pdf pages that are best printed on large format paper.

The first diagram shows the production path of a report, with the source file, the binary file, the pdf file and the tansforming agents. The second diagram shows a typical program using the JasperReports API.
The four next focus on the source XML file structure and its mapping with the generated pdf.
The last two describe the API and internal classes further.

View this JasperReports TechMap: http://www.javablackbelt.com/jbb/JasperReportTechMap.do

What’s next?
We already have Spring and Hibernate stuff in the pipeline, and others will follow. You will even see some of them animated, but this is another story.


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