IDE Plugins For Apache Geronimo Server

Geronimo application server version 1.0 was released in Jan 06. However in the day of the modern software developer IDE, it’s unlikely that an application server will catch on until it has good integration with the popular IDEs. Geronimo has been rather late in this regard, with only an Eclipse plugin available and no integration with NetBeans, JDeveloper or any other popular IDE available.

The fact that the Geronimo devtools section does not even mention any IDE other than Eclipse, is a cause for concern. However the Eclipse Plugin is moving and has now released version 1.0.

The features in the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin Version 1.0.0 are as follows:

– Intergation with Eclipse Web Tools Project
– Define a Geronimo 1.0 runtime and server.
– Supports deployment to remote servers
– Partial deployment plan editors and wizards
– Auto-download and install feature
– Monitoring of local and remote servers

The easiest way to install the plugin is to not download the plugin directly from but create a J2EE project in Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP). When prompted to create a target runtime, use the link “Don’t see your server listed?” and select Geronimo 1.0.

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