JBoss Rules: Launches new JBoss Transactions and JBoss Rules 3.0

JBoss today announced the release of JBoss Transactions, an open source distributed transaction management platform based on industry-proven technology acquired from Arjuna Technologies and HP in 2005. It has also announced JBoss Rules 3.0, the newest version of the company’s open source business rules engine.

** JBoss Rules: JBoss Rules enables product and service offerings to be customized by applying business rules that can be used across an SOA based on actions, events, and historical activities. With JBoss Rules, developers can quickly deploy rules that continuously make consistent decisions based on hundreds of thousands of facts. The declarative programming model of JBoss Rules provides clear data and logic separation and eliminates the time it takes developers to modify hard-coded business logic and update applications deployed across the enterprise. JBoss Rules is based on Drools, the popular open source Java-based rules engine project whose members elected to join JBoss in October 2005, and can be used as a stand alone product or integrated with JEMS.

“Enterprises today are looking for ways to automate repetitive software processes, while allowing for variations,” said Pierre Fricke, director of product management, JBoss, Inc. “JBoss Rules provides a scalable solution that has zero software fees and the benefits of the JBoss Subscription standing behind it. With JBoss Rules, JBoss brings another market-leading Java product into JEMS to simplify development and deliver on our strategy of providing interoperable middleware that offers an alternative to monolithic proprietary platforms.”

** JBoss Transactions: This release marks the first time that a high-end transaction engine has been made available for free and unlimited use through the open source community. JBoss Transactions, one of several core products announced today, builds on JBoss’ vision of bringing enterprise middleware to the mass market and further strengthens the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS(TM)) as the leading open source platform for service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Distributed transaction management platforms were previously only available from proprietary vendors as part of an expensive, monolithic application platform. JBoss Transactions, built using industry proven pure Java transaction technology, is a flexible and cost-effective high end alternative. Distributed transactions appeal to enterprises in sectors such as insurance, telecommunications, and financial services where the ability to ensure business transaction integrity and ‘five-nines’ availability is paramount. Similar to an insurance policy, JBoss Transactions protects users and vendors from potential transaction failures related to the accuracy and consistency of business data that is created or modified by multiple sources. For example, JBoss Transactions ensures a purchase is executed without failure by immediately reconciling data in distributed sources such as sales, accounting and shipping databases.

“The need for business agility drives the technology requirements of today’s IT departments,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management, JBoss, Inc. “JBoss delivers proven open source technology that advances the goals of SOA without adding complexity. JBoss Transactions, which is based on one of the most mature distributed transaction management engines on the market, provides enterprise customers with an option that plugs into any standards-based environment offering the advantages of cost, quality and flexibility for which JEMS is recognized.”

JBoss Transactions can be used as a stand-alone transaction manager or as an embedded distributed service inside the JBoss Application Server to take advantage of benefits such as load balancing, high availability and fault tolerance. JBoss Transactions is written in 100 percent pure Java and runs on any hardware and operating system with a compatible Java virtual machine.

JBoss Transactions supports traditional ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated and durable) transactions using two-phase commit coordination and complete distributed crash recovery. With JBoss Transactions, organizations can deliver accurate business transactions to their customers, ensuring high levels of service in their daily operations.

Source: JBoss Press Release

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