Yash Technologies Releases JSR 168 complaint Collaboration Portlets for integrating with MS Exchange

Customers demand for collaboration software that can be used within an enterprise Portal environment is rapidly increasing world over. Customers want portlets, which can be, deployed within their intranet and employees self-service (ESS) portals. While there are not too many choices for out-of-the-box portlets, there are only a few portlets in the market, which are JSR 168 complaint and work on several portal servers and open source technologies.

Yash Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise portals solutions, announced today release of SyncEx Collaboration Portlets for use by enterprise customers worldwide.The new offering gives Portals customers the ability to integrate Microsoft Exchange emails, appointments, contacts, tasks into their portals quickly and easily. Groupware and collaboration systems such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange are standard applications for many businesses worldwide. These systems contain years of mission critical information about employees, customers, and suppliers etc. However, many of todays customer and employee facing portals are independently run with no interface to business critical applications such as email, contacts, calendar etc. In order to provide greater integration and a unified window for the key stakeholders, it is imperative that the information is incorporated into company portals.

Unlike many portal offerings for groupware integration, the SyncEx Portlets go beyond providing minimal data and a hyperlink that launches Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access or Lotus’ web client. The SyncEx Portlets provide real-time integration and enablement of Microsoft Exchange features from inside the portal. The key benefit to many enterprises would be to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) as these portlets would eliminate the need for having an email client software and provide access dynamically through Web Access.

The SyncEx Portlets are JSR 168 Compliant and offer customers the following business benefits:

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