JIRA 3.6 issue tracking software – Free for qualified open source projects and non-profits

JIRA is a web-based J2EE application providing an accessible and agile issue-tracking platform that is usable by both technical and business users alike. JIRA runs on any platform and supports almost any database

Atlassian Software Systems today announced the availability of JIRA 3.6, the latest version of its professional issue tracking software. JIRA 3.6 includes over a dozen new features and improvements, such as per issue group assignments for permissions and notifications, the ability to add custom events for notification and workflows, wiki-style linking, performance improvements, and much more. These changes, along with scores of smaller improvements and bug fixes, make it even easier for users to customise the application to meet the needs of multiple teams.

Although tracking and managing the issues, tasks and bugs that emerge during a project is a critically important task, it is one that few teams do effectively. JIRA helps organisations to take the philosophy of project management deeper into the organisation and take control of this process by providing an accessible platform that is highly usable by both technical and business users alike. In fact JIRA’s intuitive, web-based and internationalised interface allows for near universal accessibility.

JIRA is free for qualified open source projects and non-profits. So a number of popular open source projects like OpenSymphony, Hibernate, Spring, Apache, use JIRA. Click here to check out the top 10 reasons why the creators feel that you should be using JIRA.

Atlassian is the company behind JavaBlogs.com, perhaps the website that got you here.

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