An Introduction to .NET

Java developers’ interaction with .NET is generally restricted to integrating a Java application with a .NET component. However most would also consider their ignorance of .NET as a weak link. If not anything else, you can at least safely criticize .NET if you know what it’s all about.

InformIt is carrying an excerpt from the book “Understanding .NET” in an article titled “Introducing .NET”. The article takes a quick look at the history of .NET, how it got its name and the various elements that come together to make .NET. The author discusses Common Language Runtime, The .NET Framework Class Library as well as C#, Visual basic and C++ that’s part of NET

The author discusses .NET vs Java and takes a rational middle ground. He says “One obvious distinction between the two is that the Java environment runs on diverse operating systems, while the .NET Framework focuses on Windows. The trade-off here is clear: Portability is good, but it prevents tight integration with any one system, and integration is also good. You can’t have everything, at least not all at the same time.”

” Also, Java-based products are available from multiple vendors, while only Microsoft provides the .NET Framework. Different Java vendors can provide different extensions to the core specifications, so developers can get somewhat locked into a single vendor. Still, portability across different Java platforms is possible, while the .NET Framework unambiguously ties your application to Microsoft. This bifurcation and the competition it engenders are ultimately a good thing.”

“If Microsoft wished to make the .NET Framework a true multi platform rival for Java, the technical potential is there. But so far, at least, .NET is fundamentally a Windows technology”

The article in printable view is about 16 pages and is a nice way to start off with your .NET learning.

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