Rapid Development in LAMP – Deployment on Java

ActiveGrid users can now build their application in scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, Python or Java and then deploy to either an Apache HTTP server or to a J2EE server.

ActiveGrid CEO Peter Yared says “You get the rapid application development and the Web 2.0 nature of LAMP but you get to deploy it on an existing infrastructure,” He also argues that scripting languages should use the Java virtual machine, rather than each have their own separate virtual machines.

Yared also puts forth the idea of a common virtual machine. He says “The best case scenario for the industry is that we all share one virtual machine that is open source and is good”

ActiveGrid has also updated the Jython project to make Python applications run on the Java virtual machine. The Jython project had been struggling for some time with hardly any updates being made. However the project seems to have again gained some momentum and has recently launched its new look website jython.org.

Development on LAMP and deployment on Java presents some interesting possibilities for the future, especially with the growing presence of scripting languages.

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