Rising adoption of Ajax, SOA and even Java

Evans Data Corp’s latest Web Services Development Survey finds Web Services with Web 2.0 interfaces are surging. Contrary to recent suggestions, the adoption of the Java platform is also poised for a significant increase.

Evans Data finds rising use of AJAX, a key component of the Web 2.0 architecture. Close to half of developers surveyed say they are already working with AJAX or plan to do so in the coming year.

This year the percentage of functioning Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) has almost doubled. Twenty-four percent of respondents are saying they currently implement SOA, an 85% increase from last year. Thirty percent of respondents will be using more than 20-services in the next year, a 58% increase from today.

“While we are still at the beginning of this major software architecture shift, it is clear that the benefits of both SOA and Web Services are beginning to be realized”, said John Andrews, President of Evan Data. “We envision that the SOA maturation cycle will take at least another five plus years.”

“Consistent with the increasing adoption of web services we are also seeing the same for AJAX,” stated Andrews. “This framework, now more than ever, is allowing developers the means to make web-based applications function more like desktop ones.”

Other findings from the Spring 2006 Survey of almost 400 managers and developers:

— Reuse is rising. Three out of ten survey respondents are saying the ability to reuse the service is the greatest cost advantage to Web Services. The number of respondents sharing Web Services with two or more business units is up 20% since the last survey.

— Despite rampant industry speculation to the contrary, the adoption of the Java platform is poised for a significant increase. Three out of four companies expect to be working with the Java Platform by next year, a 12% jump from current levels.

— Web services are often down anywhere from an hour to a day. Almost half of respondents are saying that when their most reliable Web services go down, they usually stay down for an hour or more. Of the worst performing web services, 47% are down for over six hours.

— Authentication of online identities is the greatest security challenge to Web Services. One of four respondents is saying that inability to confirm the identities of online users is the biggest problem.

Ref: Evans Data

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