Requirement for Java Professionals


We have the following requirement with a client in the US. The candidates would need to work out of the Indian facility in Ooty for several months before being sponsored to work in the US.

#1 Priority

We are looking for smart, talented and energetic engineers to join our team. This high-impact position will be part of a medium sized team that designs and implements the company\’s flagship platform product.

This position is to lead a team of developers by giving them pointers on solutions. Taking decisions on technology and product development in conjunction with the technical architect of the solution.

If you have what it takes to make major contributions to a company\’s success and rapidly advance your career in a friendly, intellectually stimulating environment, we could be just what you\’re looking for

Web Continuations
Server-side JavaScript
Automatic data binding

#2 Priority
Please find listed requirement for Demand force.
4-5 years experience in Java Web:

– Struts
– SQL, RDBMS (MySQL preferably)
– Java Mail
– Linux
– Hibernate or any other ORM framework experience a plus

They would be expected to work in Ooty for a minimum of 6 months before being considered for anything outside of Ooty. It needs to be stressed that they will not automatically be given a US position or travel to the US unless they:

1) Work extremely hard
2) Earn it through merit and accomplishment
If they see this a vehicle to come to the US only…then probably not the right fit for us. They should be enthusiastic…at least somewhat…about the position, salary, perks and project.
– willing to pay between 90,000 rupees to 112,500 per month in rupees
-They will get room and board fully paid for
-Provident Fund
-Full insurance benefits
-Gym membership
-Travel to the US
Please send me your resumes to if your profile is suitable to the above requirement.

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