Conference On Java Technology 2006 – Brewing Fresh Java Ideas

JavaConferenceMascot-ManWithTheBigIdeaThe IndicThreads conference on Java Technology 2006 to be held in Pune, India promises to bring to you the latest and coolest things that are buzzing in the Java world. The conference features some of the best international and national speakers who will bring their expertise and ideas to you.

Date – 1st and 2nd December 2006
Venue– Hotel Pride, Pune, India

India has been at the forefront of the software industry with billions of dollars of services being provided by Indian companies. Thousands of talented Indians are working on Java in its various forms like J2EE and J2ME. India however has been more of a follower in the Java space rather than a leader or innovator. At the IndicThreads conference we hope to initiate a change. The conference is an attempt to get the best Java brains in the country talking abut Java and taking not just Java development but Indian IT in exciting new directions. Conference On Java technology brings 2 days of discussions, brain storming and debates on Java technology. You can not only learn from the experts who are coming to the conference from across the globe, but could also discuss with your peers, talk to enthusiasts, feel the buzz and have fun with technology.

Whats the point, you may well ask? True enough, what with all the documentation, tight deadlines and endless hours, you might never have had the chance to think about whats new and what clicking in the tech world. That’s the whole point of the conference! To bring to the huge pool of software architects and developers the opportunity to get back to what got them there in the first place – exciting technology.

Mingle with peers and seniors and discuss and debate over topics ranging from Java Trends, Enterprise Java Security Dos and Dont’s, Service Oriented Architecture, Ajax…. With your newly acquired buzz words, you might just become the new technical guru in your company.

With a focus on vendor-neutral content and learning, the IndicThreads conference is the event to be at for all Java software developers.

The venue is the five-star Pride Hotel and the dates are 1st and 2nd December 2006. For more visit

The partial speaker and session list is as follows-

Speaker Name Session Title
Atul Kahate Enterprise Java Security Dos and Donts
Debu Panda EJB 3.0 In Action
Dibya Prakash Migration Trick – J2EE to Ruby on Rails
Dileep Dharma Java Test Driven Development
Floyd Marinescu Enterprise Java Trends and the Future Perspectives
Gavin King Building JSF and EJB3 applications using the Seam framework
Harshad Oak Groovy And Grails
Janak Mulani Rich Internet Applications and AJAX
Kishore Kumar Using Apache Geronimo for real world J2EE applications
Raghu Kodali Integrating BPEL, Human Workflow and Business Rules in Java EE
Ramesh Loganathan Synergies between J2EE, SOA and Web2.0
Panel Discussion Will Ajax revolutionize Java web development?

Registrations to the event are now open. The early bird discounts are a steal.


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Attendees from other countries are welcome. Just write to the adderss below and we will help you work out your India plans.

For any queries write to –WriteTheTheIndicThreadsConferenceOnJavaTechnologyOrganizers

See you at the conference.

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