10 years of Java + Interesting statistics about Java usage

The Financial Express is carrying a story about 10 years of Java. The story talks of the history of the language, what the language has to offer and where it is headed. 

Some key points stated in the story:

  • Java today is driving more than $100 billion of
    business annually.
  • Java mobile game market is estimated to be around $3
  • Seven out of 10 wireless applications currently under
    constructions will use Java technology runtime environment.
  • On the
    enterprise side, $2.2 billion in Java application server and $110
    billion in related IT spendings are happening, .
  • Today, globally over 4.5 million software developers work on
  • Along with that, 100 carrier deployments and 579 million phones
    are on this platform.
  • Around 750 million Java cards have been
    deployed globally.


 The 10-yr story: Java and the networked world

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0 thoughts on “10 years of Java + Interesting statistics about Java usage

  • November 30, 2005 at 10:36 am

    As Python certainly is the older language with a broader audience, there is no ‘kill’ web application framework. There are a number of frameworks, depending upon what you want and need.

    Quixote, CherryPy, Cheetah, Paste, Twisted/Nevow, Django, TurboGears and so on.

    And before you complain about the pain of choosing the right one -> you surely do not want to imply that Ruby On Rails is right for all web applications, be it an embedded web app in some appliance, or a huge site with more than 1000 hits per second, right?


  • April 5, 2005 at 3:18 pm

    Java’s major push to capture the mobile market was a master stroke. Microsoft missed the bus.

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