Has the SUN set?

The cover story of Bank Technology News discusses the downfall of Sun. Below are some observations from that story.

So what made a John Kershner, CTO for Waterbury, CT-based Webster Bank
Change its infrastucure from SUN to IBM’s AIX Unix, ?When you’re making
big, long-term decisions, you need to be confident they will remain in
the market, We couldn’t get that comfort with Sun.? quoted kershner.

But SUN?s svp for worldwide financial services, Stuart Wells exudes confidence stating that SUN will regain its market share as powerfully as it did in last decade. He backs his optimism by saying that JP Morgan, which has been a SUN?s customer for over 20 years, will make its future application using SUN?s Solaris 10. Solaris 10 is SUN?s latest version of reliable UNIX operating system.

Further Solaris operating system has been made opensource to compete with linux. It however remains to be seen whether Solaris can give any competition to fast growing popularity of Linux even in a conservative industry such as financial sector.

Archipelago Holdings, which operates the first totally open all-electronic stock exchange in the United States has joined hands with SUN to deliver computing power over the grid at competitive pricing of 1$ per CPU per hour and storage at $1 per gigabyte per month. But not many companies are in favour of such a novel concept. Gordon Haff, senior analyst at technology consulting firm Illuminata says the grid concept will probably take some time to gain momentum.

Some strong words from TowerGroup’s Kopp stating that ?Java is the one and only valuable asset Sun has today.? He futher went on to add ?Yes, they have a brand name, they have engineering prowess, they have a portfolio of clients, but all those things are at risk strategically in the next five years unless Sun builds on a key strength, and to my mind, that key strength is Java.? Today?s core infrastucture in banking industry remains Java and J2EE

According to Kopp, not technology but startegic vision is what SUN should focus at otherwise SUN is sure to set in IT industry.

Will The Sun Rise Tomorrow?

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