Canoo UltraLightClient 6: The Java Solution for Enterprise Web Applications

Canoo Engineering AG has released UltraLightClient 6.0.

release includes out-of-the-box functionality to pause and
resume application sessions in Rich Internet Applications. Used by
enterprises to rapidly build and deploy rich, responsive user interfaces for
enterprise web applications, the Canoo library now offers near-equivalence to
Swing. Companies can reuse available Swing know-how and be productive
almost immediately. Newly added Swing features include a new Border API,
action support for listeners and full support of layouts.

The Java
Solution for Enterprise Web Applications

UltraLightClient is a lean
library that delegates tasks to the standard J2EE/J2SE infrastructure
whenever possible. It uses Swing on the client, standard communication
protocols set by the J2EE container, and standard lifecycle management on the
server. In contrast to other more proprietary platforms,UltraLightClient is
an add-on library for Swing and J2EE and can be easily integrated into
existing web platforms

Source: Canoo Press Release.

>> UltraLightClient 6.0

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  • January 31, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    I guess this is not much about the game rules and its all about the smart, sharp & quickness of the players attention to make the goal successfully. I agree with you in terms of knowing the coding skills but that’s not so important than obsorbing the power & capabilities of changes being an architech which are happening very quickly in this industry.

  • May 9, 2005 at 5:58 pm

    pause and resume are cool! I’ve been waiting for this funtionality for a long time. It will enable rich client portlets, for instance, or roaming for client advisors who can reload their session from arbitrary workstations.

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