Sun to highlight its new ‘sharing’ image

Sun Microsystems is set to invest heavily in brand marketing. The advertising will potray some of the Sun’s clients like Ebay,General Motors and Major League Baseball. Showing clients from diversed fields will help its products and services connect people across businesses and personal interests.

According to tracking firm TNS media Sun has spent nearly $16 million on advertising during 2004.Emphasisng the need for sharing ,Van Den Hoogen, Sun’s vice president of brand experience and community marketing said "Sharing is what we’ve done for the past two to three years,Once you share, you create a new growth opportunity."

Sun, which was hardest hit in the wake of dot com bust is still to recover from a bruising technology downturn in which it lost market share to rivals such as IBM and Dell.Van Den Hoogen agreed that Sun has fallen behind in the market in terms of advertising,but is optimistic about the future stating Sun’s hefty investments in research and development. Sun hopes its bundled offerings of computer servers, storage gear, software and service offerings will restore sustained revenue and profit growth.

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