Sun aims to bridge the digital divide

Sun says that it aims at bridging the digital divide through its "Share the
Opportunity Global Giving "initiative. Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating
officer of Sun Microsystems,
was named president of the board of the Sun Foundation, a separate
non-profit foundation supported by contributions from Sun Microsystems.

Emphasing the need for sharing ,Scott McNealy, chairman, founder
and chief executive officer at Sun Microsystems stated "For 25 years,
Sun has believed that sharing – whether code, standards, or ideas – is
the key to increasing competition, delivering new innovation, and
growing markets,". This initiative will focus on increasing network
accessibility and providing opportunities for global economic growth
and social progress.

Jonathan Schwartz further stated " The next generation of engineers,
scientists, diplomats, business leaders, journalists, artists, and
consumers need the network to participate in global opportunity. We’re
working hard to expand opportunities, and make those opportunities
reachable for everyone irrespective of culture, nationality or economic
means." Sun will work in collabration with the organizations which
focus on same mission of sharing the opportunity global.

It believes that the next age will be the "Participation Age". The
change has already started taking place as people have started forming
communities From blogs to Java, SMS messages to Web services to drive
change, create new businesses, new social services, and new

Information on the Share the Opportunity initiative, the Participation Age and upcoming events can be found at

Share the Opportunity initiative by SUN

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