Portlet Integration to deploy UltraLightClient applications on a portal server

Integration snippet and demo on ULC Code Community site show how rich UltraLightClient applications can be deployed as portlets.

Canoo provides a free Portlet Integration to deploy UltraLightClient applications on a portal server. This brand-new code contribution offers a solution to run Rich Internet Applications (RIA) as portlets on any portal server.

Portlets as defined by the Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 are an emerging standard to develop web portals. This new standard poses a challenge for rich client technologies. A portal server reloads the entire browser page whenever a server roundtrip occurs. This means that portlets must be able to save and refresh the state of their user interface (UI), which is virtually impossible for rich clients that maintain their state on the client side.

Since UltraLightClient has a server-side representation of the UI state, it fits much better into the portal server architecture. Leveraging the new pause and resume functions included in UltraLightClient 6.0, the new Portlet Integration now allows deploying any application as a portlet.

The Portlet Integration is available for free at the UltraLightClient Community site. It runs with any portal server that complies with JSR 168.

Source: Canoo Press Release

>> Free Rich Client Portlet Integration

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