Top 3 Java-to.NET Interoperatability Issues

As firms try to make Java / J2EE work with .NET, the top 3 Java-to.NET Interop Issues they face, as compiled by Identify Solutions are:

  1. Problem Isolation
  2. Performance bottlenecks
  3. Communication challenges

Other issues that were noted:

  • Data capture
  • Addressing configuration problems
  • Team interop approaches may not align
  • Cross-platform skill sets

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0 thoughts on “Top 3 Java-to.NET Interoperatability Issues

  • July 3, 2005 at 1:15 am

    Brings up these issues for J2EE:
    1) Big and Heavy Application Servers -> it depends on your requirements. Do you need clustering, zero downtime, security constraints, messaging, distributed computing etc.?

    2) Top-controlled decision making on the platform -> Ever heard from JCP?

    3) Not easy to deploy -> Ever heard from Ant build tool?

    4) Costly -> Ever heard from JBoss, Jonas, Geronimo, Tomcat?

    5) Slow development of the platform -> Ever heard from Ant, XDoclet, Eclipse?

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