One month from JavaOne 2005

The JavaOne conference this year features events like The JavaOne Coding Challenge where
the attendees get a chance to apply what they learn during conference
sessions to real-world programming problems.

The NetBeans software day will offer the audience an opportunity
to hear the latest developments in the NetBeans IDE, particularly the new version 4.1. Dr. James Gosling, the creator of Java will
discuss the future of Java developer tools and how new technologies
will offer increases in developer productivity.

A new event named "Ask the Experts" will have attendees asking their queries to a panel of experts. The Duke Choice award will
celebrate the newest innovation in the field of java technology.

The JavaOne conference is to be held from 27th to 30th of June 2005 at Moscone Center in San
Francisco, US. The conference will showcase awards and events
that have become the hallmark of the Java development community’s
annual gathering.

While SOA, JSF and Sun’s Java Studio Creator had dominated JavaOne last year, the event this year could be dominated by discussions about the planned Apache JSDK (Harmony). The NetBeans vs Eclipse debate will ofcourse continue.

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