WebLogic 9.0 release takes J2EE to a new level of reliability and scalability

9.0, consists of an enterprise-grade kernel that supports multiple
programming models. BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 is designed to help IT
administrators and developers increase productivity, reduce cost of IT projects
and decrease downtime. The product is designed to help enable businesses to
focus on moving toward Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

“Companies are looking to deliver premier, custom applications in a complex,
heterogeneous IT environment while quickly responding to changing demands of
business and without experiencing downtime,” said Wai Wong, executive vice
president, products, BEA Systems, Inc. “WebLogic Server 9.0 can help make it
possible for organizations to succeed in maintaining these core objectives while
supporting their path of employing SOA.”

BEA WebLogic Server is the newest addition to the BEA WebLogic product
family, that also includes BEA WebLogic Portal(TM), BEA WebLogic
Integration(TM), BEA WebLogic Workshop(TM), and BEA JRockit(R). Its unique
enterprise-grade kernel, which features clustering, security, management,
caching and virtual machine technologies, is designed to help make WebLogic
Server faster, more scalable, and reliable than any application server in
today’s market.

WebLogic Server’s high-performance kernel supports multiple
programming models, which can help provide developers with the flexibility to
choose the right application framework for their needs. This includes support
for J2EE 1.4, Spring, Apache Beehive, Web services and several other frameworks.
All of these capabilities can help decrease equipment and labor costs required
to build and sustain applications and reduce the time and risks affiliated with
IT projects.

Reliability has been a key focus area for BEA’s WebLogic Server 9.0 Release.
Notable features in this version of the market-leading product are
“side-by-side” application installation, which is designed to allow applications
to be upgraded in a running server without causing any downtime. Also, WebLogic
Server 9.0 includes “hot patch” functionality, which is designed to allow the
server to be upgraded without disruption.

WebLogic 9.0 takes J2EE to a new level of reliability and scalability
: An interview with BEA’s Jesper Joergensen

Source: BEA Press Release

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