Caching and data management solution: Coherence 3.0

Tangosol Coherence is a JCache-compliant in-memory caching and data management solution for clustered J2EE applications and application servers. A new version, Coherence 3.0 has been announced.

Coherence 3.0 provides significant enhancements for organizations deploying
and managing large-scale clusters and grids. These new capabilities provide
levels of availability, reliability, manageability, scalability, performance and
flexibility for Java applications that were – until now – simply unattainable.

The featured enhancements in Coherence 3.0 include:

  • WAN Clustering enables global load-balancing and WAN failover for
    data and compute grids, supporting enterprise business continuity strategies.
  • Clustered JMX provides real time monitoring, management and
    configuration for the entire grid – or any part of the grid – from any server.
  • Read-Ahead Caching can completely eliminate load latencies by
    predicting the data that needs to be ready in cache.
  • Custom Partitioning and Partition Affinity supercharge the
    performance of large-scale data grids by controlling the locality of data within
    scale-out environments.

Source: Tangasol Press Release

>> Tangosol Announces Coherence 3.0 Release

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