The Top Ten things that software developers want

Murugan Pal, the founder of SpikeSource shares his list of common programmer wants and needs.

He says “Irrespective of the language programmers choose for
expressing solutions, their wants and needs are similar. They need to
be productive and efficient, with technologies that do not get in the
way but rather help them produce high-quality software.”

His top ten list is:

  1. Ease of Use and Short Learning Curves
  2. Library Routines and Application Service Modules for Faster Implementation
  3. Seamless Migration and Transparent Upgrades
  4. Comprehensive Functional Modules
  5. Plug and Play: Service-Oriented Architectures
  6. Performance-Optimized Blueprints
  7. Open Standards Compliance
  8. Rapid Development and Deployment Tools
  9. Template Configurations
  10. Probes and Debugging Tools

>> What Developers Want

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  • Noname

    If the learning curve is short, so is the resultant pay.

  • Noname

    ‘Free JDeveloper no longer includes a license to deploy Oracle ADF applications to non-Oracle application servers’

    So, what did really change? The core frame work ADF is as free as it was before, isn’t it? And why should you use JDeveloper if you cannot use ADF?