Jul 062005

Blandware announced the
availability of Blandware AtLeap
0.5 Release Candidate 1
, a multilingual free Java CMS (Content
Management System) with full-text search engine. Blandware AtLeap is a
framework which allows you to rapidly start your own Web application.

AtLeap 0.5RC1 has many changes:

  • integrated Acegi security system to allow more flexible authentication
  • integrated Quartz scheduling system to allow auto publication and expiration
    of news item in news module
  • added testimonials module
  • added more flexible management of browser cache, support of page expiration
  • now all page links are generated with locale suffix, it allows all pages to
    be indexed by external search engines (like Google)
  • refactored internal search engine, improved performance, fixed bugs with concurrent
    using, added new languages support
  • now Atleap does not use ResourceBundle for small messages. All content is stored
    in database and can be edited via admin console
  • usability improvements (e.g. added context menu for site edit mode)
  • performance improvements
  • fixed bugs and added some other small features

Read more about Blandware AtLeap at project’s site https://atleap.dev.java.net/ and in
its presentation Blandware
AtLeap Introduction

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