Jython 2.2a1 brings Python and Java closer

Jython 2.2a1 has support for most of Python 2.2 and numerous features from Python 2.3.

The new release includes many major changes:

  • new-style classes
  • Java Collections integration
  • PEP 302 implementation
  • iterators
  • generators
  • __future__ division
  • support for running on JDK1.5
  • new installer
  • a significant number of features to bring Jython in line with CPython

This version of Jython should run on JDK 1.2 +.

What is Jython?

Jython is a Java implementation of the Python language. It allows
users to compile Python source code to Java byte codes, and run the
resulting bytecodes on any Java Virtual Machine.

Jython vs Groovy

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