New open source software stack for enterprise web applications

SourceLabs SASH stack integrates widely used open source
application frameworks, including Apache Struts, Apache Axis, Spring
Framework and Hibernate into a coherent, tested, supported software
stack for developing enterprise web applications.

Enterprise IT
organizations can use the SASH stack and SourceLabs Premium Support and
Maintenance Subscriptions to reduce technical risk and complexity and
lower integration and support costs.

“We are already seeing many enterprise IT organizations adopting the
individual components of the SASH stack for streamlined development of
enterprise web applications,” said Byron Sebastian, CEO of SourceLabs.
“Now we have integrated these popular components into a supported
product so enterprises can deploy them more cost effectively, and with
significantly reduced operational risk.”

The SourceLabs SASH Stack for Java makes server-side Java development more productive than conventional J2EE, by integrating
a lightweight, easy-to-program container, a web user interface framework, a highly dependable and interoperable web services
stack, and easy and efficient database access.

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