Hibernate Quickly

Positioned as a layer between the application and the database, Hibernate is a powerful object/relational persistence and query service for Java. It takes care of automating a tedious task: the manual bridging of the gap between object oriented code and the relational database.

The book Hibernate Quickly focuses on the 20% that developers need 80% of the
time and introduces them to the Hibernate “ecosystem”: how Hibernate
can work with other common development tools and frameworks like
XDoclet, Struts, WebWork, Spring, and Tapestry.

Hibernate Quickly is a gradual introduction to the features of
Hibernate, covering the latest version, Hibernate 3. The book builds
code examples incrementally, introducing new concepts as it progresses.
It covers Hibernate’s many, useful configuration and design options,
breaking a complex subject into digestible pieces. With a gradual
“crawl-walk-run” approach, the book teaches what Hibernate is, what it
can do, and how to work with it effectively.

The book was written for developers who are new to Hibernate and for
Hibernate users who want to learn how to integrate Hibernate into their
existing projects.

Source: Manning Press Release

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