WebLogic Server Tops in Developer Productivity and Performance Tests in SOA Benchmark

BEA has announced that its recently introduced WebLogic
Server(R) 9.0 was ahead of all other commercial and open source Java application
servers in high-performance test cases, according to PushToTest, maker of free
open-source test automation software, performance kits, and global services
solutions. BEA WebLogic Server 9.0’s zero-downtime features provide the
foundation on which an enterprise can rapidly build reliable, scalable and
manageable applications.

The new PushToTest SOA Performance and Knowledge Kit (“The Kit”) is a
comprehensive tool kit showing enterprise IT architects and developers the
performance and developer productivity implications of implementing Web Service
and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) on commercial and open-source
application servers. The Kit includes full source code, developer journal, and
scalability and performance tests. The Kit is designed to help enterprise IT
architects complete a timely evaluation of application servers and make better
purchase decisions. The resulting tools are designed to provide a comprehensive
approach to help enable enterprise IT select the best server to meet their
business objectives.

As part of the application server comparison study, PushToTest applied its
collective set of tools to the BEA WebLogic Server 8.1, BEA WebLogic Server 9.0,
JBoss Application Server 4.0.1, Oracle Application Server 10g (OAS) and IBM
WebSphere(R) Application Server V6.0 to produce a meaningful analysis of these

The result of the independent testing demonstrated that BEA WebLogic Server
8.1 and WebLogic Server 9.0 outperformed all application servers when message
payload sizes and the number of concurrent request levels increased. The
PushToTest findings follow on the heals of an industry-standard SPEC benchmark
that found WebLogic Server 9.0 was also the most efficient at using system
resources (CPU bandwidth and memory), setting a new performance record with half
the number of CPUs, half the amount of memory and less than half the effort of
installation and configuration.

Moreover, PushToTest showed that WebLogic Server 8.1 and WebLogic Server 9.0
were the easiest, fastest and most straightforward, requiring the least amount
of time and expertise needed by software architects and developers to build

Furthermore, WebLogic Server was the best at easily building services that
integrate with existing legacy systems. Other application servers approach
integration by trying to replace systems through re-architecture and
re-implementation of existing systems. BEA is committed to providing the
best-of-class application server that fits well within an existing IT
infrastructure and is designed to integrate well with existing systems to
leverage previous infrastructure investments.

“BEA WebLogic Server continues to show that it can be an important, strategic
asset for customers on the path to SOA,” said Mark Carges, BEA chief technology
officer. “WebLogic Server 9.0 is designed to provide SOA architects what they
need for hosting and consuming Web Services, which are the building blocks of
SOA. The PushToTest SOA Performance and Knowledge Kit is an important tool which
can help customers evaluate various application servers to meet their business

“The SOA Performance and Knowledge Kit is designed to help companies make
their challenging technology decisions easier,” Frank Cohen, founder at
PushToTest and architect of The Kit. “Java application servers perform a core
function in business systems and large-scale corporate applications. With The
Kit enterprise IT architects and developers can better evaluate vendors across
performance, functionality and cost. Our benchmark clearly found that BEA
WebLogic Server 9.0 was the best overall performer.”

The PushToTest SOA Performance and Knowledge Kit is distributed under a free
open-source license. Details and downloads are available at: http://dev2dev.bea.com/soa/toolkit.html .

Source: BEA Press Release

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