BEA open source milestones

BEA has announced significant milestones in the company’s open-source efforts, including code release milestones for Apache
Beehive, Apache XMLBeans and the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP).

BEA open-source milestones include:

UPDATED BEEHIVE PROJECT STATUS: BEA’s initial contribution has helped grow a community around Beehive, which the Apache Board recently recognized with a unanimous vote on a resolution to create a top-level Beehive project and Beehive PMC, which makes Beehive an independent, self-governing Apache project and no longer in incubation.

UPDATED APACHE BEEHIVE CODE RELEASE: Apache Beehive 1.0 m1 is one of the first cross-container, ease-of-use programming model and framework for J2EE- and SOA-based applications. It is designed to facilitate an architecture based on reusable components and services reflecting best practices and design patterns. The final 1.0 release is anticipated soon.

UPDATED APACHE XMLBEANS RELEASE: Apache XMLBeans V2.0.0 is a tool that is designed to allow developers to access the full power of XML in a Java friendly way. With XMLBeans, developers can take advantage of all the richness and features of XML and XML Schema by having these features mapped naturally to the equivalent Java language and typing constructs.

UPDATED ECLIPSE WEB TOOLS PLATFORM RELEASE: The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project extends the Eclipse platform with a tools infrastructure to support J2EE and Web-enabled application development. BEA is co-leading the Eclipse WTP project.

Source: BEA Press release

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