Java Integration Suite now part of Java Enterprise System

Sun today
announced the immediate availability of the Sun Java Integration Suite,
the sixth suite in Sun’s Java Enterprise System (Java ES). The new
technology suite is a result of the company’s acquisition of SeeBeyond. With nearly 1 million Java ES
subscribers to date, this addition will build upon Java ES’s proven
success and position it as the most complete software platform for
building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Web services and
composite applications.

The Java Enterprise System is an open, standards-based software
system that delivers a core set of industry-leading shared enterprise
network services as a single, integrated entity on a predictable
release cycle. It serves as the strategic underpinning of Sun’s
software strategy.

Java ES is the software companies use to build their
web based applications, ensure the identities of people who access
their services and enable them to quickly and securely develop and
deploy applications and services. The other Sun Java System Suites
included in Java ES are: Sun Java Availability Suite, Sun Java Identity
Management Suite, Sun Java Web Infrastructure Suite, Sun Java
Application Platform Suite and Sun Java Communications Suite.

Source: Sun Press Release

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