NetBeans needs help: NetCAT 5.0 Program

NetBeans has launched the “NetBeans IDE 5.0 Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT)”

NetCAT 5.0 Program Coordinator Jiri Kovalsky ‘s mail to the nbannounce list says

“NetBeans IDE 5.0 (previously known as 4.2) is entering its
stabilization phase and we are happy to extend to you an opportunity to
participate in our upcoming 9-week NetBeans 5.0 Community Acceptance
Testing (NetCAT) program.

With NetBeans 5.0, we have incorporated many features requested by the community. Just to listen the biggest and most noticeable ones:

* Support for developing new IDE/RCP plug-ins
* New GUI builder also known as Matisse
* New user-friendly CVS support
* Faster and extended code completion
* JSF, Struts, JBoss, WebLogic integration

Now we need your help! If you have an experience with the IDE and want to contribute some time and effort, let us know about you! We are looking for dedicated users willing to help NetBeans IDE 5.0 become rock solid. Go for it, register via now! Applications are being accepted until September 12, 2005.

Each participant committed to providing timely feedback during this program will be given an opportunity to significantly influence the quality of the NetBeans 5.0 release. Besides, there are valuable gifts prepared for all active members. More information can be obtained at:

Update: NetCAT 5.0 team recruitment has already
been closed though because of overwhelming response to the announcement.

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