Try and Buy Java-based Games

Sun Microsystems and Bango, a leading mobile content enabler, today
announced an agreement to deliver mobile Java technology-based
games and applications to millions of mobile phone users on more than
250 wireless carrier networks worldwide.

The new service from and Bango provides a streamlined user experience and simplifies the payment process to make locating and downloading mobile Java technology-based content easier for users and network providers.

Now more than 14 million monthly visitors easily can access exciting Java technology-based titles on virtually any carrier network with easy billing powered by Bango. Customers can either charge their mobile downloads to their carrier bill, PayPal account or credit card. The Bango Service also enables content providers to market, sell, and deliver their Java-based mobile content to users all over the world through Bango’s “browse and buy” capability.

Source: Sun Press Release

>> Java mobile game market is estimated to be around $3 billion
>> Doubts over the future of Java mobile

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