Presentations From The Conference On Java Technology

The Conference On Java Technology 2006 was
on the 1st and 2nd of Dec 2006 in Pune, India. Many
reputed speakers, book authors and experts from the java world
presented at the event.

You can find details of the conference at For a quick look at the happenings
at the event, check this article.

Below are some of the presentations from the conference. The remaining will be added to the list shortly.

Raghu Kodali – BPEL, Workflow and
Rules in java EE

* Ramesh Loganathan – Synergies between
SOA and Web 2.0

* Peter Thomas – Java EE Architecture using
the Spring Framework

* Kishore Kumar – Using Apache Geronimo for
real world Java EE applications

* Harshad Oak – Introduction to Groovy and

* Janak Mulani – Rich Internet Applications
and Ajax – Selecting the best option

* Sanjeeb Sahoo – Java EE vs J2EE
* Atul Kahate – Enterprise Java Security Dos and Donts
* Debu Panda – EJB3 In Action

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