Oracle WebCenter Suite Now Available

WebCenter Suite announced at OpenWorld 06 is now available for
download. Oracle WebCenter Suite is an
integrated suite
of products designed for creating dynamic, highly productive user work
environments that take advantage of SOA and enable business users to
bring complete context to their daily work tasks.

Oracle WebCenter
Suite combines the standards-based, declarative development of
JavaServer Faces, the flexibility and power of portlets and runtime
customization, and a set of integrated Web 2.0 services into a new
generation of context-centric, composite applications.

Oracle WebCenter Suite Overview
Oracle WebCenter Suite, a component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware
product family, is based on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and
is hot-pluggable and standards based. Oracle WebCenter Suite will be
delivered through six major components:

  • Oracle WebCenter Framework:
    a Java Server Faces (JSF) and Oracle
    ADF based framework that enables developers to embed rich, AJAX-based
    components, portlets and content into their JSF applications to create
    a dynamic and context-rich user experience. The WebCenter Framework
    will support portal and content integration standards including JSR
    168, JSR 170 and WSRP 2.0 and will inter-operate with standards-based
    portals including Oracle Portal.
  • Oracle WebCenter Services:
    embeddable Web 2.0 content,
    collaboration and communication components including Oracle Content
    Database, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, SIP-based VoIP and Instant
    Messaging Presence Server, Discussion Forum and a Wiki service.
    Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services to enable click-to-dial applications will
    also be available as an option to Oracle WebCenter Suite.
  • Oracle WebCenter Studio:
    exposes the WebCenter Framework and
    WebCenter Services to programmers inside Oracle JDeveloper.
  • Oracle WebCenter Anywhere:
    enables users to connect and work
    wherever they happen to be by exposing critical task flows and services
    through familiar mobile devices, and desktop tools including Microsoft
    Office and Exchange.
  • Oracle WebCenter Composer:
    a browser-based environment for
    composing and customizing the application user interfaces, business
    rules and policies, user profiles and preferences and business
  • Oracle WebCenter Spaces:
    a configurable work environment that
    enables individuals and groups to work together more effectively.
    Individuals can use their WebCenter Personal Spaces to perform
    structured and free form tasks, organize their daily activities, and
    interact with other users more effectively, while WebCenter Group
    Spaces can allow groups of any size to improve communication, the
    execution of distributed work processes and information sharing.

“Because Oracle WebCenter Suite will provide a comprehensive set of
enterprise-class capabilities and rapid integration with Oracle and 3rd
party infrastructure, our customers can realize both an immediate boost
to productivity and continuing long term savings,” said Rahul B. Patel,
vice president, Oracle Server Technologies. “Competing technology from
other vendors can cost significantly more, take months to stitch
together, and typically lacks the flexibility and standards support
built into Oracle WebCenter.”

The download WebCenter options available on the Oracle
page are –
1) Oracle
(new Jan 07 version)
2) The WebCenter Suite download link takes you to a confusing page consisting of
links to 10s of software. The WebCenter download link is hidden
somewhere near the bottom of the page. The download for windows is 510
MBs while the one for Linux is 579 MBs.

The WebCenter
page provides tutorials, developer guides and

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