NetBeans 6.0 beta improves developer productivity

The focus of NetBeans IDE 6.0 is improved developer productivity through a smarter, faster editor, and the integration of all NetBeans products into one IDE. Highlights of the NetBeans IDE 6.0 release are:

Swing GUI Builder, Intelligent Editor, Profiler, Debugger, Updated Platform APIs

Easy Navigation, Multiple Configurations, Code Completion, Debugger, Cross Platform

Ruby on Rails Support, JRuby Runtime, Code Completion, Debugger, Refactoring

Game Builder, Device Fragmentation, SVG Graphics, Web Services, Handheld Device / Set Top Box

*Web & Java EE
Visual JSF Design, Enhanced JavaScript, AJAX Enabled Components, CSS Editor,
Web Services & SOA

XML Schema Editor, XSLT Designer, WSDL Designer,
BPEL Designer, Service Assembly Editor, Deploy to JBI compliant runtime

>> Download NetBeans

* Eclipse vs NetBeans

* NetBeans was the early bird but has Eclipse caught the worm

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