Sun TechDays to focus on Java SE, EE, Glassfish and NetBeans

The Sun Tech Days program is a 15-city world tour designed to educate developers in local markets on various technologies. The events are typically a two-day format and range from hands on education, university training, community programs and technical sessions. Tech Days travels the globe to share expertise with the community about Solaris OS, the Java EE, SE, and ME platforms, the NetBeans IDE, Sun Studio, Open Source and more.

While TechDays initially focused on Java, now it includes Solaris/Tools and NetBeans, along with sessions led by Sun’s Java University and professors from distinguished universities who share recent developments in academia. Corporate events and a Partner Alliance Program are also key parts of TechDays.

The next techday in Hyderabad, India will be held at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre. The two Java development tracks here will cover sessions in the following areas: Java EE 6 and GlassFish, Java SE 6 Top 10 features, Java SE 7 and OpenJDK, Next Generation Web and Java Server Faces, Consumer JRE: Java on Every Desktop OR Java Performance Myths, Project Metro and REST: Web Services Everywhere, Java ME: Extreme GUI Makeover for Mobile Phones, SOA using OpenESB and JCAP and Java Scripting: JavaFX Script and JRuby.

The 2008 TechDays calendar is as follows –

Those registered to the TechDays get the free bonus days on NetBeans, OpenSolaris, Mobility, University (For students only) and GlassFish


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