Sun Pushes MySQL With A Bundled JavaEE Release

glassfishSun Microsystems has announced a bundled release consisting of GlassFish version 2.0 with the MySQL Community Server 5.0 and MySQL JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver 5.1.6. It is designed to provide developers with popular open-source versions of enterprise Java and the database and give them easy access to the platforms to develop and deploy rich Java and Web applications, Sun officials said.

The bundle is available for all the major software platforms, including Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Meanwhile, other benefits include GlassFish support for the latest Web event-driven technologies such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Comet, which make for rich customer Web experiences. Also, users can freely develop applications on the open-source bits and later, when they need support, decide to buy a subscription to products from Sun that offer training, support and product updates, company officials said.

The bundle can be downloaded from

You could easily get Glassfish and MySQL to work together prior to this release. However this release is significant as it looks like the start of Sun’s MySQL push. Also most newcomers to JavaEE begin their learning with the Java EE downloads from Sun; making MySQL available at this stage will be effective is making these users prefer MySQL over other databases.

MySQL already is the most popular database in the LAMP space. MySQL would now be aiming at becoming as big a name in the Java world as it already is in the PHP and LAMP space.

* How to decide which persistence technology to use? JDBC / CMP Entity Beans / Hibernate / JDO ?
* Sun Acquires MySQL, Oracle Acquires BEA Systems
* With improved JDBC 4.0, do we still need fancy persistence and relational mapping technologies?

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